Hotel Los Ñires

Historical Review

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In 1997 it was acquired by a group of local business people, staying in hotel management Mr. Carlos Martinez V. who today still inheriting the tradition of service and quality that has characterized the hotel Ñires from the start.

Speaking of the Ñires Hotel is talking about tradition, the growth of Coyhaique, with nearly 40 years of experience, is a venue with its traditional restaurant, lounges for events and conventions, a silent witness to events that have marked the region, it is also impossible not to mention the many marriages performed in their classrooms and all kinds of shows that have always been an alternative entertainment for our city.

That is why Hotel's Ñires continues to lead the Regional Hospitality, receiving visitors throughout the year with open arms and with a special warmth that feels as the passenger arrives at our reception, even in the days ice Patagonia. Travel business or pleasure, the hotel Ñires is synonymous with good care and warmth, represented in each of their employees, who also inherited the simplicity of our people and excellent service to visitors, being an important mark on our service .

It is a privilege and a challenge at the same time delivering a first class service according to market demands, providing quality service and excellence for your company.

Carlos Martínez Villegas – PARTNER, GENERAL MANAGER